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Teacher Appreciation Day May 16, 2012

Posted by latinoschoolleaders in Principal Effectiveness.

By Titus Campos, Superintendent of Schools, Para los Niños

As the school year is winding down it is easy for principals to get tied down with end of year reports, mandated testing, planning for the next school year, and a myriad of other tasks.  It is important, though, to take time and recognize all of the hard work that teachers do every day.  In the latest issue of Educational Leadership Linda Darling-Hammond writes that “in teaching, your effectiveness doesn’t depend on your own effort alone.  It depends on how well you support and motivate your students”(http://www.ascd.org/publications/educational-leadership.aspx).  I would posit that we could substitute “teaching” with “leading” and “students” with “teachers” and the same would hold true.

Last Friday, all of the teachers at Para los Niños Charter Schools were invited to Lucky Strikes after work to eat, drink, and what else?  Bowl!  Each teacher received a bowling shirt with our school logo and the caption “Teachers rock and bowl!” printed on the back of the shirt.  It was great to spend time with teachers outside of school.  At the end of the evening, teachers expressed gratitude for honoring their effort in the classroom.

Let’s face it teachers are not getting rich by teaching.  As principals, if we can support them in the classroom and recognize their hard work, we are likely to foster a community of dedicated professionals who feel appreciated for their endeavors.



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